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"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety" - Benjamin Franklin

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Observer

1. The people that ran on the premiss "THEY" were the party of higher morals and values are currently being ordered by their leader to take ethics classes. [ Bush orders his staff to get a refresher course on ethics rules.]
Isn't this akin to closing the barn door AFTER the horse got out?

2. The President who swears "WE DO NOT TORTURE" is being made to look like a fool and a liar by his #2 man [Cheney Asks GOP Senators to Help with Torture Ban]
(There's still the lingering question of does Cheney's penchant for torture, have anything to do with Scooter Libby's hobbling around on crutches these days?)

3. The party that refers to themselves as conservatives is being lead by the biggest spendthrift in the history of our country. [Bush Borrowed More Than All Previous Presidents Combined]
I guess they don't mean fiscal when they say conservative.
Thanks to Cappy for this info.

4. If you're a judge who contributes to the democratic party you can't be a fair and imparticial judge of a [scoundrel] republican charged with money laundring. HOWever if you're a judge who contributes to republicans [New Judge for DeLay Case Will Stay] you CAN be a fair and imparticial judge. Do I even NEED to say the word HYPOCRITE?

5. If you go after politicians for breaking the law in the name of politics as usual then your criminalizing [conservative] politics [Conservative Politics Being Criminalized]. Which of course is MUCH worse than criminalizing SEX as republicans did when they went after Clinton.

6. Voters in Utah lead the nation in supporting Mr. Bush and his misbegotten war, but are dead last in actually serving in the military that fights and dies in that war. Of course it should be no big surprise that chickenhawks would support a fellow chickenhawk.[Utah - Chickenhawk Capital of the United States] Man! Talk about your 'birdflu' epidimic!!


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm Against It

John Gibson [source] is one of FAUX FOX New's many 'fair and balanced' (NOT) right wingnut, talk show hosts (I refuse to call these guys news journalist . To do so insults true journalist everywhere) says he's against torture, but ahh he's against outlawing it. Well damned skippy if I don't think he's described to a "T", "MY" postition on abortion. I'm against it. I think it's deplorable, but ahh I'm also against outlawing it. Think that will go over with the "Pro-Life" crowd? I'm thinking not.

See what John's really saying here is that he doesn't have the(Dick Cheney's) balls to step up and say he's all for torturing the hell out of anyone they (CheneyCo) deem needs torturing. Instead, he does that straddle the fence thing they (neocons) are so quick to accuse others of doing.

Once again we see how the right thinks it's okay for them to be both for/against and against/for something at the same time. Can anyone say flipflop/hypocrite?

Incidently I can't help but wonder if Cheney's penchant for torture has anything to do with Scooter Libby hobbling around on crutches these days.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

FOX NEWSTension and frustration between U.S. military forces and the Iraqi government is rising two-and-a-half years after the U.S invasion, said an Iraqi with a unique perspective on the problem – the country’s president.
In an exclusive interview Saturday with FOX News, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani (search) said the American military commanders with whom he has spoken agree to give Iraqi forces a larger role in defending their country, but do not follow up with action.

"We ask them for things to change, they agree, and then nothing happens," Talabani said.

Readers advise the president

(CNN) -- "Bring home the troops. Shake up the White House staff. Focus on issues at home..."
Bring home the troops.
An anonymous U.S. soldier serving in Pyongtek, South Korea, said the president should show "humility to the U.S. soldiers in both Iraq and Korea and let them come home ... and be with their families."

Mr. President, I supported the Iraq war for getting rid of terrorists, WMD and Saddam [Hussein]. Please justify the cause again and tell all Americans the plan to get out of Iraq. Spend that money to provide jobs, health care and medical research. Make this a land of peace and hope for all again.
Dee, San Francisco, California

I would start with forming an exit plan in Iraq, then reach out to his oil buddies and get the prices down, then nominate a Supreme Court justice that will not divide the country but rather unite, and finally put together a drug plan that really helps our seniors, not the drug companies. Very simple, Mr. President, just keep your promises.
Michael Seibert, Buffalo, New York

If we go on like this for much longer, it will be a long time before the American people trust the government to our side again. The Democrats aren't going to remain more hapless than the Republicans forever, and the denial in which too many Republicans wish to live in right now does the cause of conservatism no good.
Anonymous Republican

To sum things up, the newly elected 'President' in Iraq is unhappy with U.S./coalition troops in Iraq. According to [even] FOX News, polls show an increasing number of Americans are unhappy with the ongoing stalemate in Iraq and the current administrations failure to show any signs of an exit strategy. More and more Americans are waiting for Mr Bush to live up to his promise to unite the country, bring integrity, and morality back to the White House, and to make domestic concerns a priority.
George W. Bush is a man in denial. Recently he was given a reality check by his own party, and if he continues with his stubborn, arrogant, attitude of staying the course both he AND his party just may well be in for a BIG reality check come this time next year.

As for me, I'm torn. Do I want Bush and the republicans to continue behaving like bulls in a china shop, thereby forcing voters to give them a one way ticket home. Even though the continuation of such a course is detramental to the health of our country? Or do I want them to get a clue, and start really listening to the voices of Americans, not only on the right, but the left and in the middle.
If I dig down deep, I have to admit, as much as I've love to see democrats take back the Senate, Congress, and even the White House, I'd be happy if republicans would stop acting like their God's chosen people and have carte blanche to do as they see fit. There is nothing more frightening than a man or a group of people who think they alone have all the 'right' answers.


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