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"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety" - Benjamin Franklin

Friday, May 09, 2003

Today while flipping through channels, I stopped on FOX News because something interesting caught my eye. I am not sure which program it was, but the guy was interviewing some man from Great Britian. It seems there is talk about British broadcasting taking FOX News off the air in Britian! Imagine that. Now you will notice that you won't see anything about that on their website, and I haven't heard anything about it in the news.

I don't think that Britians are buying that line about 'fair and unbiased news'.


Wednesday, May 07, 2003

How about a different kind of politics today?

Tide Turns Again
Things like this are one more reason that I am soooo embarrassed sometimes to be from Alabama. Firing Mike Price, whom I might add Alabama was damned lucky to get to start with, because "he failed to live his personal and professional life in a manner consistant with university policies", has to be stroke of pure stupidity. As well as a callous disregard for all this man, and his family, gave up to come to coach for a school that still hasn't gotten over the loss of "The Bear".
First of all there's that whole 'consistant with university policies' line. Seeing as to how the university policy was NOT to fire Mike Dubose when he had an affair with a female staff member that resulted in the university being sued. I don't see how a visit to your hotel room by a woman who works in a strip club rates being fired from a job that you have yet to begin. There was no evidence that anything other than a whole lot of eating and drinking were going on (ie: the $1000 rooom service tab). In fact, depending on how late they came back to the room from the club, I don't see how they had time to do much but answer the door for the room service guy. Even still, this is a matter for Coach Price and his wife.
Considering that the 'university' is currently under 4 more years of probation for NCAA violations, this reeks of the pot calling the kettle black. Personally I think they need to just forgo hiring another head coach (victim) and just let Mal Moore coach. Maybe he can even have university President Robert Witt as his assitant coach.
If you ask me, TPTB (the powers that be) were already getting cold feet about Coach Price. He was just a little to laid back for a school where winning is tantamount to all else. He just didn't "fit". A fact that did not escape many, including Stewart Mandel, from Inside College Football. In fact, I can't think of anything better to say than he did...
Congraulations Tiders, you've outdone yourselves this time. Four months---a new land speed record....Alabama doesn't chew up and spit out coaches. It tortures, mangles, dissects, and devours them."

2:39 PM


Not too much to say tonight. I spent a great deal of time creating a new blog today. That makes my third.
The new one is for my poetry.
If you feel so inclined you can check it out.
Nite all......


Tuesday, May 06, 2003

On a day when I was sure I could find nothing that would make me laugh. I came across this while blog surfing. Honestly, I almost croaked!!!

Will Bill O'Reilly Endorse John Kerry?

There is a God, and he has a wicked sense of humor.

No spin zone, my ass!


Have I mentioned how much I love Janeane Garofalo? She and I share many likes and dislikes. Not the least of which is our love of Canada and Canadians. As well as our dislike/distrust of the current administration.



Monday, May 05, 2003

Book Banned in America, While Troops Fight for Freedom

Did I hear someone say that we were in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting for FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY? Maybe we need to bring those troops home and prepare them for the fight here in the U.S.

[editors note] Wonder why we haven't seen anything about this in the NEWS?


From Mickey Huff @ AlterNet:

"The pillar of support for war on Iraq and also the abuse of our civil rights is the forty percent of the public that do not perceive that Bush, Rumsfeld, Powell and their advisors have used the media in an extensive disinformation campaign ? including claims of an Iraqi threat from weapons of mass destruction and connections to the 9-11 terrorists," asserts Dr. Marc Sapir, Retro Poll's director. "Thus, support for war is related to the mass media's failure to challenge the government's self-serving persistent disinformation campaign about threats to our security."


In my opinion it is not just support for war that is related to the failure of the media to challenge the government's self-serving strategy. It is by nature the goal of any administration to try to further their tenure in control . It is the job of the media to question, to debate, and to challenge the current political power. Instead we have entire networks (ie:FOXNews) that not only support the admistration, but have resorted to branding anyone else who dares to disagree with them as unpatriotic or un-American. They smash and bash celebrities for having the 'gall' to speak out yet fail to see that they themselves are nothing more than pseudo-celebrities. For some reason 'they' think that because 'they' work for a cable news network that their opinion is somehow more creditable or valuable than people who make millions of $$$ as actors. What is it that makes Bill O'Reilly think that his ultra right-wing conservative opinion is of any more importance or value than that of Martin Sheen, Tim Robbins, Susan Saradon, or Barbara Streisand ? "No Spin Zone" indeed....more like "Bill O'Reilly's Personal Spin Zone". Someone needs to point out to Mr O'Reilly that just because it comes out of his mouth doesn't mean there is no 'spin' on it. It's just HIS spin.
In fact if there is anyone who is failing at their appointed job, it is the media. There are a few who are still persuing the truth, but they are few and far between.

My next question is---Where the Hell are the Democrats and Independents?


I transfered this blog over to the new version of Blogger last night and there for awhile I thought I had lost it.
This doesn't really look all that different.


It has come to my attention that there is a website out there in cyber space that is using an url very similiar to mine. In fact it is so similiar that a lot of folks have been going to that website instead of this one.
What they have done, is to simply remove the 's' in blogspot (ie: http://wordsonapage1.blogpot.com instead of - http://wordsonapage.blogspot.com). I would not be surprised to find that mine is not the only url that been altered this way. The truely sad part is that this is a Christian website, that is doing this. I wonder if they think they are fooling God, or that he approves?

Or maybe (and this is more likely) it is part of the 'right-wing conspiracy', to keep as many people as possible from learning the truth!!

See, I do have a sense of humor.
Qucik, someone call FAUXNews, oops I mean FOXNews.


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