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"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety" - Benjamin Franklin

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Support Tropps
giving more than just 'lip service'...

Jake is a regular commenter here at Words. You may have noticed he doesn't have a blog. That's mostly because he doesn't have time. Jake is an active duty service member. He served in Iraq for 9 months and was sent home due to an injury. He still has many friends and a brother serving there. He posts under a pseudonym and uses my ISP so as to stay as anonymous as possible. Why? Because as a member of the armed forces he is strictly forbidden from making any disparaging remarks about the Commander in Chief (Bush) or from revealing the status of any ongoing war efforts. Despite what some may say, all members of the military are made very aware of what the consequences of speaking out against the President or the war in Iraq would be.
I am proud to provide him with a place to voice his feelings and his personal observations. I would gladly go to jail before revealing his identity. As would any member of my family. This is how we show our support for the men and women serving in this illegal and ungodly war. By allowing them an outlet for the truth to be told.
Last week a close friend of Jake's was killed in action. I didn't have the privilege of knowing this man, but as I listen to Jake speak of him I know he was a good, decent, loyal, and very patriotic man. I also know he hated what was happening in Iraq and what is happening here in this country as a result of Iraq. He was not alone, NOR was he in the minority.
He left behind a small child who will never know him. Who's memories will fade with time and 'Daddy' will never come home. He won't understand for many years and by then the sense of abandonment he feels will be deeply ingrained in his subconscious. There are thousands of children just like him all over this country.
Jake commented that he could share with you the stories of the horror that is happening, but far too many don't want to hear. He could tell you the truth about what is really going on but you probably wouldn't believe him (well some would). It's just so much easier to appease your conscience by continuing to believe the lies of Bush, Rumsfield, & Co.
Karena has an excellent post today [No One Dares] on that very topic. Check it out if you dare to know a small portion of the 'truth'.
Today while our nation is yet again seeing a part of America destroyed by Mother Nature's terrorism. While thousands march on Washington in protest of an illegal war. [ source] Our esteemed President is hiding out yet again (much like he did on Sept 11th["In Colorado, Bush paused briefly to autograph a photograph of him, in a stop at the ruins of the World Trade Centre three days after the September 11 attacks,]). This time in Colorado.[ source ] I'm sure he's safe and secure in those underground tunnels. Hiding out from two very angry ladies (Rita and Cindy) and from reality. It's just such a shame we can't lock him up in those tunnels and leave him there. Of course that would put him far too close to that 'launch' button, and those 'dry dunks' can get hard to handle from time to time, so maybe not.
On an even less hopeful/cheerful note..."Cheney's aneurysm surgery a success..." This man has to be the devil himself, or else the cat with nine lives.
Yeah, I know it's unchristian and mean of me to wish ill upon another human being, but what the heck, he has no problem sending thousands of men and women to die in his quest for 'mo money'/spoils of war, why should I feel guilty about wishing him the same fate? This world would be a much safer place if he and Rove should meet their maker (whomEVER that might be) sooner rather later.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Iraq, the new Afghanistan
"UN: Iraq is al-Qaeda's new training ground*...

" A United Nations panel of experts issued a report Monday saying there is no shortage of recruits for terrorism worldwide and that Iraq has provided new training ground for them, replacing al Qaeda bases lost in Afghanistan."

So, let me see if I can sum this up a bit. After five years of Republicans being in power, four years after 9/11, and three years of war, we are no safer, and no better off than we were to begin with. Recruiting of terrorist continues, as strong if not stronger than before. While there have been no incidents in the US, terrorist attacks are up worldwide. It would serve well to note that prior to 2001 the last attack here in the states was in 1993, so there was a seven year lapse in between the two. One can't say if there have been any attacks that were actually prevented, or not.
Our military ran Al-Qaeda out of Afghanistan and right into Iraq. We didn't put them out of business, we simply helped them relocate.
The party who claimed to be tough on terrorism has accomplished exactly what?
Not only can they not say they have actually prevented any terrorist attacks, but in light of the aftermath of Katrina, they also cannot claim to be ready to respond should an attack occur.
And at what cost? The loss of almost 2,000 American lives, and countless Iraqi, and Afghan lives.
Oh yes, Bush Co has made the world a much safer place. NOT!

Yet Republicans and Bush supporters still stand steadfastly behind this man and his party. I can't help but wonder how these people sleep at night. Have they no conscience or compassion for the loss of lives they are responsible for? Do they not understand the blood is on their hands? Do they not realize the God they all claim to believe so strongly in, is going to hold them accountable?
Apparently DE`NILE (yes I know it's spelled incorrectly) is not just a river in Egypt.

[* source ]


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"There is something wrong when religious faiths can be shaken to the core by natural disasters but seem able to reconcile themselves with events such as the war on Iraq which are the result of human folly." ( Muriel Gray )

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