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"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety" - Benjamin Franklin

Friday, October 28, 2005

When the Devil Comes Knocking
GOP's Right Wing Rejoices in Post-Miers Clout

Back in 2004, the Republicans were reveling in their new found power. They not only had a hold on the White House, but Congress as well. Yep, they were going to set things back in order after years of Democratic rule. There was just one small technicality, and they pooh-poohed it as being nothing much to worry about.
Yesterday morning the devil came a calling. He was collecting his dues. Conservative republicans had turned to the far right for their help in getting a firm hold on power. They figured after the election, when they were securely hunkered down in the oval office, they'd cut the far right loose. No harm no foul. NOT!
When push came to shove the whole world got a ringside seat in seeing who REALLY controls the The New Republican Party. And it ain't the middle of the road folks. Nope it's the Rick Santorums and the Sam Brownbacks.
And all those republicans who supported Bush, not because he was a born again Christian on a mission from God, but because he was a tough Texan, who was gonna clean out the trash in Washington, are now going to have to deal with the same people who they suckled up to, to get where they are.
Guess what, James Dobson, and David Keene are the new power brokers in the Republican Party and they're not giving up one inch of the power they've earned.
"It was the very extreme wing of the president's party, and that brought about the [Harriet Miers] withdrawal ," said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. "If the president continues to listen to that extreme wing on judicial nominations or everything else, it can only spell trouble for his presidency and for America."[source ]

George Bush got his reality check this week. And it shows he's over drawn his account.
So suck it up folks cause your party now belongs to the far right Christian fundamentalist. And the devil is collecting his dues.
Soon your going to have to choose between the likes of Dobson, Keene, and Falwell, and Clinton, and Dean. Damn that's gotta suck for you guys.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

With Friends like this,,,
who needs enemies

There's so much I could say about Dick Cheney. But this says it so much better... Cheney again at center of drama.

"It should surprise nobody that Vice President Dick Cheney is at the center of another firestorm. He's got his hands in just about everything at the White House."

The White House, The CIA, The FBI, can the Supreme Court be far off?

This what happens when the man you ask to find the best, most qualified, candidate for VP recommends himself, and you take him at his word.

This is a man who's made a career out of riding other people's coattails. Bush is just another in the long line of horses to which he's hooked his wagon. Fortunately for the country, Bush Sr. was able to control Cheney, and keep him in line. With Bush Jr. he's been like a fat kid in a candy store. He's had no restraints, his manipulation of the man in oval office has been unparalleled. He along with his sidekick Rove have been the power behind the throne.
Now that the Devil has come to collect his dues, Bush Jr, had better hope Cheney doesn't take him down that long and winding road with him. If he's half as smart as Harriet Miers says he is, Bush will use this opportunity to cut both his puppet masters loose. In fact if the entire Republican Party has half a brain they will throw these two to the wolves. No two men ever deserved it more.

It's showtime at the Apollo, White House. Will it be Hamlet, The Comedy of Errors, or Much Ado About Nothing, that's offered up for our viewing pleasure? Only time will tell.


Monday, October 24, 2005

Document dispute snags Miers nomination
that old bait an switch

WASHINGTON - President Bush said Monday he will not give senators internal White House documents about the work Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers has done as Bush's counsel.
Bush's statement sets up a standoff that could sink the Miers nomination because senators won't be able to determine on what issues Miers worked and thus won't be able to figure out on what future cases Miers would need to disqualify herself, if she wins confirmation to the high court.[ source ]

There have been those who from the beginning said Miers was never meant to be the 'real' nominee. They speculated that she was merely an opening act for the actual nominee. I have to concede things are shaping up to look like those sooth-sayers may have earned their title with this one. The first hint of suspicion came with the oddly vitriol reaction of the right. No, she isn't the most qualified nominee Bush could have chosen. But, it was no big shock for me that he would select someone he knew well and who had served him loyally for many years. Bush'preponderancece' for cronyism is ledgendary. How could anyone have been surpised by his choice? While Democrats appeared conciliate, many Republicans displayed outright anger and indignation. More than one Bush supporter made disparaging remarks questioning Bush's ability and his IQ. Quite a shock, coming from the crowd that values faith in one's leader above all else. Strike one.
Then came those leaks by James Dobson, that Rove has 'assured' him Miers was the right woman for the job. He alluded to knowing things he maybe shouldn't know . His stamp of approval seemed to only make the situation worse. Those far right fundamentalist weren't being so easily mollified. Dobson be damned they wanted assurance this nominee was going to be the one thing they'd been preaching they wanted to put a stop to. An activist judge. She had to show some indication of her willingness to not only address Roe-v-Wade, but to actively pursue such a course. They didn't want to hear she was pro-life. They wanted to hear she was dyed-in-the-wool, unswerveing ANTI-ABORTION. Since the lady clearly isn't giving that info up, Strike two.
Now comes the announcement that the White House won't be forthcoming with any records or documents from her time working as their counsel. Is this Strike three?

Are the only remaining questions, which axe will fall first, the Miers nomination or the 'leak' indictments? And of course WHO's the real nominee? Anyone care to speculate?

My predictions...
Indictments will come first. In a matter of days Miers will ask for her name to be withdrawn. Before the pot begins to boil on the indictments front, Janice Rodgers Brown (or someone even worse, if that's possible) will be put up as the next nominee.

For once I hope I'm wrong. Especially about Miers's nomination. I know very little about the lady, but the sight of Bush standing up to his party and the far right is a view I'm enjoying. Now that he appears to be out from under Rove's thumb (and maybe Cheney's as well) he's beginning to show some backbone and genuine character. I must admit I'm feeling just the tiniest bit of, dare I say admiration, for the guy.
In my humble opinion this may well be the defining moment of Bush's presidency. Will he kowtow to the power brokers in his party, or will he stand, alone if necessary, for what he believes in? Is he a man who will cave under pressue, or is he a man of his convictions? Will he move to issue pardons left and right if there are indictiments of some his most loyal supporters? Or will he allow those who broke the law to be held accountable? Yes, I think the next few weeks will be a true insight into the real moral center of the man we call our President.
Believe it or not, I hope he proves to be the man he's always claimed to be. A man of faith, and a man of integrity.


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