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"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety" - Benjamin Franklin

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Musta Been A Blue State

This via Lab Kat .
"Illinois governor: No delays in birth control prescriptions"[source]

At least sanity and equal rights still prevail in a few states.
If a pharmacist doesn't wish to fill a perscription for birth control that's his/her right. But it is the responsiblity of the pharmacy owner to insure there is someone on staff and available to fill any perscription brought in by a customer.
Kudos to the good Gov. Rod Blagojevich !!


Thursday, March 31, 2005

Do Unto Others

Godspeed, sweet Terri.

"No one from her side of the family was with her at the moment of her death,her brother had been expelled from the room at Michael Schiavo's request moments before the end came."
" Terri Schiavo's ashes will be buried in an undisclosed location near Philadelphia so that her immediate family doesn't show up and turn the burial into a media spectacle, a member of the Schiavo family said Thursday."[ Source ]

To the very end he kept her family away from her. She will be buried among strangers.
May he rot in hell for the grief he has brought her family and for the facilitation of her death.


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Prime Directive

Okay, here's the deal. If I fall ill, or I'm in an accident, or whatEVer, and my azz is in a coma, or some vegetative state. I DO NOT want to be unhooked from what ever machines it takes to keep my azz breathing. I want everything humanly (or even super humanly) possible done to bring me back. If I can't be brought back then keep me alive until I can. If it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so what? Our government wastes that much on stupid crap anyway. So why not invest some of it in me? I'm worth it aren't I?
Never, ever, never do I want to be starved. I want big Mac's twice a week, even if I get them through a straw or tube. Turkey for Thanksgiving, and ham for Christmas and Easter. Just get a BIG straw or tube. Dessert would be nice now and then too. Especially, PIE!
I want my family and friends to visit me at least three times a week. EACH! Don't let it bother you when those doctors say I'm brain dead. Heck I'm already brain dead half the time anyway. If they say I don't know anything, don't let that bother you either, I don't know too awful much now. If they tell you I'm feeling no pain, don't you believe it. I have a very low threshold for pain. I'm feeling something all the time. A shot of Jack D or Canadian Mist in the ole feeding tube would be perfectly acceptable. And much appreciated.
Someone should read to me once in awhile. None of that boring crap either. The Bible will be fine, but only on Sundays, and maybe Wednesday. Rolling Stone at least once a week please.
Keep a tv in my room. You all know what shows I like (if there's doubts, I'll make a list), see to it that it's tuned to the appropriate channed on the appropriate nights. Soap operas will be okay, but only Bold & Beautiful and All My Children.
A foot rub now and then wouldn't hurt. And maybe even a little back massage too. Lots of sponge baths will be in order. With nice smelling bubble bath, please. If any of you men folks should feel inclined to take advantage of my vegetative body, please close the drapes and shut the door. After all even coma-girls need their dignity.
If they ever get that whole freezing thing perfected, I want that too.


Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Message of Christ

The Resurrection of Jesus is for most Christians the defining moment in the Christian faith.

Without the Resurrection, Jesus would have been just a hapless victim of tyranny. His message of love, forgiveness and hope would have been dumped along with his body. His words would have been long forgotten along with his name.

But that is not what happened. Three days after his Crucifixion, followers of Jesus began to announce that he was alive. And while cynics and skeptics have long questioned what actually happened on that first Easter, it's hard to question the results of the belief in what happened. In the centuries since that first announcement, followers of Jesus have multiplied exponentially.

Today, Christianity is a world religion. Followers of Christ can be found in almost every corner of the earth. Where there are not followers of Christ, there are likely Christian missionaries trying to persuade folks to become followers of Christ. [source]

I find it tragically poignant that as we celebrate the death and Resurrection of Jesus so many seem to have forgotten what his message was.

Jesus promised we would inherit the kingdom of God if we feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, comfort the sick and visit those in prison (Matthew 25:31-46). Jesus reminded each of us to care for all people. He asks that we see the stranger in a new light, not as separate, different or unknown but as connected to us.

When we live as Jesus asked, we heighten our sensitivity to people who are suffering. We, are called upon to be generous with our compassion, our time, our talent and our money.
The word Christian means Christ like. Yet so few of those who would stand before us and preach embody the simple love and compassion that Christ demonstrated. Instead they set themselves up as judges of men. Telling others "unless you do as I say (not as I do) you cannot be a Christian". This was not Christ's message.

"Whatever you have done for the least of my brethren you have done it to me" (Matthew 26:40).

The happiest people in the world are those who learn this lesson early in life.

Through Christ's death, resurrection and promises, Easter is a reminder of what can be ours.

May you and your family have a blessed Easter.


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