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"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety" - Benjamin Franklin

Friday, December 09, 2005

**cough, cough, snicker, snicker**

Patient and steadfast by all he must bear,
Ready to accept every challenge with care.
Easy in manner, yet solid as steel,
Strong in his faith, refreshingly real,
Isn't afraid to propose what is bold,
Doesn't conform to the usual mold,
Eyes that have foresight,for hindsight won't do,
Never back down when he sees what is true,
Tells it all straight, and means it all too,
Going forward and knowing he's right,
Even when doubted for why he would fight,
Over and over he makes his case clear,
Reaching to touch the ones who won't hear,
Growing in strength, he won't be unnerved,
Ever assuring he'll stand by his word,
Wanting the world to join his firm stand,
Bracing for war, but praying for peace,
Using his power so evil will cease:
So much a leader and worthy of trust,
Here stands a man that will do what he must.

Notice the first letter of each line?

I blame Karl Rove for this one. I can see him sitting awake at 3 in the morning, wanting to finish the poem, and thinking: "What rhymes with unnerved?" Then saying "Screw it. Word will work." and finishing off the remaining six stanzas. Pure genius! [ Rooster Cashews]

I have little doubt that Karl Rove could have been the author of this little ditty. While he may have used Gdubya's name, you know he was thinking of himself. Although he might want to reconsider a few of those lines.
Starting with Growing in strength, he won't be unnerved. Since the man can hardly make it through a press confrence without putting his foot in his mouth and his popularity is dropping by leaps and bounds, one can hardly say he won't be unnerved, and he's growing in strength. Then there's Bracing for war but praying for peace. What a farce! More like Praying for war, even just a little piece! Of course lets not forget Ever assuring he'll stand by his word. Sure just the way he stood by his promise that "anyone in this administration involved in this leak will be fired". Not anyone charged or convicted but "involved". Yep he sure stood by his word on that one didn't he? Lastly there is the one line that rings loud and clear, Here stands a man who will do what he must. Oh so very true. He will do whatever it takes (even if that means slandering REAL genuine war heros, using inflated or outright falsified intelligence to make the case for war,and when his poll numbers drop low enough, just watch him do what he must in order to keep his warm comfy seat in the WH), yes there is little doubt this is a man who will do what he must. Yep that would be our [Chickenhawk] Fearless (what's to be afraid of when your ass is safe and highly protected) Leader.
That people actually admire this man boggles the mind.
Truthfully I don't think he's a bad guy, I just think he's, well, a putz.


Sunday, December 04, 2005

Politically Incorrect
can we talk here

On June 8, 1969, President Richard M. Nixon announced the withdrawal of 25,000 American troops from Vietnam. Within the next few months, he would declare that tens of thousands more were coming home.
President Bush may not know it yet -- or, then again, he may -- but in Iraq he is about to do a Nixon. Psychologically and politically, the withdrawal phase has already begun. Militarily, the pullback will start within weeks, or at most months, of the Dec. 15 Iraqi parliamentary elections.[source]

If ever there were proof that politics reigns supreme in these United States this would be it. I don't remember what the underlying cause was that brought about the United States involvement in Vietnam. I'm sure the fear of the spread of communism was a strong factor. I do know Richard Nixon eventually bowed to political pressure and agreed it was time to bring our troops home. Much as Bush is doing now.
I'm equally unsure what the REAL reasons were that lead to our invasion of Iraq. There are plenty of theories, but we probably won't know for a very long time. If ever. Whatever those reasons, if President Bush genuinely believed he was doing the 'right' thing, no amount of political pressure would prevent him from staying the course . After all what does he have to loose? He's not going to be running for office again. His political career has peaked. How hard can it be to stand your ground when you've nothing to loose? Instead he has done much as he did with the Social Security issue. He claimed he had the high ground. He claimed he'd be victorious. Then he stopped talking about it. Living up to his legend as a chickenhawk.

There are those who will of course blame Democrats. It would be fair to say a good many Democrats have suddenly started standing up and making their feelings known. Too bad they didn't have the backbone or courage to do so in March of 2003. Had they, we wouldn't be where we are today. I can count on one hand the number of Democrats who voted against invading Iraq. And have fingers left over. Where were John Murtha, John Kerry, Ed Kennedy, and Hillary Clinton when that critical vote was taken? They exhibited no more courage than Bush is now.

I look at Iraq today and I wonder what the future holds for those who's country we have so torn asunder. Oh, I know, we've done so much for them. They're having free elections now. They are rid of a tyrannical ruler. A man who not only allowed but encouraged rape, murder and torture of his own people. Are they better off? Only time will tell.
All of a sudden I'm hearing hardline supporters of the war, declare, the Iraqis have got to step up to the bat, they've got to learn to defend themselves.... I guess it's easy to 'get tough' when you know your not the one whose going to be living with the daily reality of death. Just as it was easy to invade a country that had done nothing to bring about such an invasion.

The majority of the people of this country did nothing to stop our President and our government from declaring war and are just as guilty of he and his cohorts of the damage that has been done. Many share the responsibility and the shame.

I have little doubt that over the coming year we will see a good many of the troops returning home. After all mid-term elections are coming up in 06. Senators, and Representatives are feeling a bit insecure about their warm cozy little seats of power in D.C.. For as much as they've spouted the party line about this war being about spreading democracy, and freedom, they aren't willing to risk THEIR jobs/careers, much less their lives. Iraq will just have to find a way to survive on their own.
If you think I'm only referring to Republicans you'd be wrong. In fact I believe every single Senator, or Representative who voted "yes" to the invasion of Iraq, and has only NOW found the balls to stand up and say, this was wrong and we need to get our troops out should be vote OUT. Because if it is wrong now, it was wrong then, and if it was right then, it's still right now.

I started this blog because I believed we were doing the wrong thing in Iraq. I did not believe there were WMD's. I did not believe Iraq or Saddam had any connection to the events of Sept 11th. I did not believe Saddam Hussein was a threat to anyone other than the people of Iraq. That alone was not, in my opinion, enough to warrent an all out invasion by US forces. Many counties have tryanical rulers. China and North Korea just to name a few. I have been very vocal in my stance. I can't remember waivering. Now, I find myself torn. For many months I have called for the return of our troops. With that reality now on the horizon, I find myself looking toward Iraq and feeling shame. Shame for what we've done, and shame for what we are about to do. Shame that men who swore to uphold the honor of our country have instead brought so much dishonor. But most of all shame that so many Americans apparently have no problem with that. Politics is a dirty business and it is we the voters who have allowed it to come to this.


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"There is something wrong when religious faiths can be shaken to the core by natural disasters but seem able to reconcile themselves with events such as the war on Iraq which are the result of human folly." ( Muriel Gray )

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