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"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety" - Benjamin Franklin

Saturday, April 19, 2003

Everytime I see FOXNews's Bill O'Reilly, and his smug, condescending face, I just want to punch him right in the mouth.

Then there's that ridiculous commerical for FOXNews, where some woman has the adacity to stand there and say "FOX News, fair and unbiased news" ! What a crock of crap. Has there ever been a more biased network? I don't know why they don't just be honest and call themselves "The Official News Network to Re-Elect George Bush". Mind you, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with being gung ho for the Republican Party, but jeesh, be honest about it!

Speaking of FOXNews and their 'unbiased' reporters, where is Geraldo Rivera? Did he just drop off the face of the earth because he got expelled from school, oops I mean , he got expelled from The War?


I see they have identified Laci Peterson's (and her baby's)remains. How very awful this must be for her family. Certainly not a 'good' Good Friday for them. My heart aches.
I feel for Scott's family too. Not only have they suffered the loss of a daughter in law,and grandchild, but to have Scott arrested for their murders has to be an unimagineable heartache.
The press has already judged him guilty. The truth is , we may never know the truth. If he did kill her, it is unlikely that he is going to bear his soul and confess. If he didn't do it, it is fairly certain whoever did kill Laci will never be found. Scott has made himself too easy a target.
So much heartache. I often wonder how families pick up the pieces and go on with their lives after something like this. How does one ever feel like smiling or laughing again? I think I would want to crawl in a hole and die.
I will pray for them. All


Friday, April 18, 2003

Taking a break from politics today, I am ignoring all talk of 'the war' . Which doesn't leave much to read at the online news sites.
There is this though:

Prosecutor says body likely Laci Peterson's

This makes me so sad. That beautiful young woman, and her precious baby. I am torn, do I feel sorry for Scott Peterson, or do I just assume he did this terrible thing?
It is hard to say.
The facts certainly make him look guilty. But, then, lots of men have affairs. Very few kill their wives. There has to be more to this. Did she find out and threaten to divorce him? So what? That's not enough to make a man fly into a fit of rage and murder not just his wife but his unborn child as well. Not a normal , sane man anyway.
Is he a man prone to violence? In the beginning even Laci's Mother said he was a kind and loving man.
It is so easy to just go with the flow, if it walks like a duck, if it talks like a duck, it must be a duck , right? The guy just looks guilty.
Or does he? Is it because he is attractive, and he was involved with another woman? Was he still involved with this other woman at the time of Laci's disappearence?
There are so many unanswered questions.
If the body, is Laci's , how did the baby end up miles away from her body? When she was killed was she still pregnant or had the baby been born?
Who could do a thing such as this?
Most disturbing ....why, why , why?
Some days life and human kind just suck.
This is shaping up to be one of those days. I feel it in my bones.


I am just too tired and too disgusted with the world in general today. I don't have the energy to bitch.
Here's a link for anyone who cares

Fuck The War

that's pretty much the way I feel about the whole freaking world today.


Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I think that Madonna said it so well. When asked why she withdrew the video for the upcoming release of her latest cd, she said ...

"I don't think some people would have understood what I was trying to say and I did not want to become a target for the lynch mob mentality"

Lynch mob mentality ...once again the Material Girl has hit the nail squarely on the head.
Lynch mob mentality, yep that is exactly what I'd call the attitude of the media these days. Not all of them, we still have a few who are willing to stand their ground and fight the tide. The few who are still delivering honest, unbiased news. Like The New York Times, NewWeek and The Washington Post.


While we are reminding people to 'support our troops' lets not forget to support the men and women , who strap on their weapons, bullet proof vest, helmets, and such , everyday. They put their lives on the line , right here in the USA. They fight the never ending battle of crime. They rush into burning buildings. They rush to the scenes of robberies, car crashes, shootings.
They protect and serve. Everyday.

They are the Policemen/women, the Fire Fighters, the Paramedics, the County Sherrifs, the deputies. They too are our American Hero's. Everyday.... God Bless them all!


I actually had someone ask me today "Were you really hoping Iraq would win this war?"
Well, dugh! Of course I was. Weren't we all?
That is not to say, I was rooting for Saddam Hussein.
Just the opposite. If we were going to do this, and if there is to be a winner here, who is more deserving than the Iraqi people? After all it is their cities that have been bombed and their cities that are now being looted. And just exactly how many 'coalition soldiers' did the " Iraqi Republican Army" kill? For that matter how many 'troops' on either side were killed in combat? By large most of the 'kills' were innocent civilians.
Yes, I was rooting for the Iraqi's. The men, women and children who are now left to pick up the pieces and go on with life. The saddistic Saddam and his regime are gone. It is yet to be seen if the liberators will be any better, for IRAQ, and her people.


More on the REAL reasons behind the war with Iraq...

This from The Guardian Unlimited

Contracts worth billions of dollars for the reconstruction of Iraq are already being handed out by the US government, offering huge profits to a few, favoured companies, many with high-level contacts in the Bush administration and a history of donations to the Republican party. The contracts are being awarded exclusively to US firms and, instead of the usual tendering process, are by invitation only.


Tuesday, April 15, 2003

U S Shuts off Iraq-Syria Oil Pipeline
Bush says "Syria needs to cooperate".
Bush says "Syria has weapons of mass destruction".

Where will it end?


I think the thing that worries me the most about the things that are going on these days is not so much 'The War' but what is happening in this country regarding free speech. It has become politically incorrect to criticize the President or anyone even remotely connected to the current administration. Just because some people are celebrities they are told they should keep their opinions to themselves, IF they do not support the President. It seems that the only people the media wants us to hear from are the 'pro-war, pro-republican, pro-Bush supportors. Any one else is either un-patriotic, un-American, or long haired hippy communist. What happened to reporters who sought out the truth? Who risk, carreers, life and limb to see the truth came out? When did we become a country of blind & deaf sheep? When did people like Toby Keith and Randy Travis suddenly have more right to voice their opinion than people like Martin Sheen, Tim Robbins, Michael Moore, and yes Natalie Mains? When did it become common place to blindly accept everything the media feeds us via television? If FOX News airs it, then it must be so.

My greatest fear is that after 16 years of uncontested Ultra-conservative, Republicans in power, we will be living in a country awfully similiar to the one we just 'liberated'.

What kind of country will we pass on to our children and grandchildren? Planet of the Apes is beginning to look less like fiction and more like reality.


Monday, April 14, 2003

I said I was taking a break from politics today, But there are a couple of things I found while out surfing the net tonight and I just had to include a link to them here.

I just know the man who wrote this article could be a good friend of mine.
New York Press

I hear this guys cartoons are the hottest thing around these days.
Get Your War On

Just when you think there is nothing to laugh about, someone comes along ...
Gay Mormon Dad


Sunday, April 13, 2003

In case you're feeling depressed, here's something to cheer you up a bit.
As The World Turns

Maybe I will take a break today from politics.

Have a good one!


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