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"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety" - Benjamin Franklin

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Victoria Toensing, a lawyer and longtime Republican who helped write the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982, which is at the center of this case, said Bush is now saying what he probably meant to say when the leak investigation was launched. "Of course you are going to be concerned if a law was broken," she said. "But what is it that somebody did wrong if they didn't break the law?"

"But what is it that somebody did wrong if they didn't break the law?"

I believe this statement shines a light into the very dark heart of the republican party. The fact that they even have to ask that question shows their disregard for the dignity of the truth and their concept of right and wrong. If it's not illegal it's not wrong.
If your a parent you understand the importance of teaching your child that there are things that are wrong even thought they may not reach the level of being illegal. Endangering others, hurting people, and lying are some of those things. All of these were employed by Karl Rove when he sought to use Valarie Plame [Wilson] to spite her husband for embarrasing his the administration.
Lying is not illegal but how can you trust someone you know lies? How can you allow someone to hold the highest office in the nation (or the office right next door to it) if you cannot trust them?
Should Ms Plame, a fellow CIA operative or even a member of her family, have been killed as a result of her identity/job being exposed, Rove, Cooper, Novak and anyone else connected to the revealing of her position could be prosecuted for careless disregard. Does it make it less harmful that only their lives were put at risk and no one has died (at least not yet or that we know of)?
Karl Rove participated in a game of phone gossip, where he discussed the identity and postion of an agent of the CIA, with two, three or maybe more news journalist. To say that he didn't know she or her position was 'sensitive' is to deny the power and position of this man. Unarguably he is the most powerful man in politics. Why? Because the only man he answer's to is his puppet boss. A man who owes his position and legacy to him. A man he controls.

Lets take for a moment an issue that is of the utmost importance to the majority of conservatives/republicans. Abortion. Abortion is not illegal. It falls well within the scope of the law. Yet millions of pro-life people believe it is morally wrong. So much so they make it a central issue in their choice of candidate for EVERY public office. If you apply Ms Toesing's philosophy to abortion then there is nothing wrong with abortion. Intersting when you look at it from that perspective isn't it?

This isn't just a legal matter, it's a moral issue, a serious moral issue. Something the republicans (the party of higher morals and values) , and the media obviously don't get.
Incidently I don't think ALL republicans/conservatives are morally corrupt, just those currently running the party. And I believe the statement by Ms Toensing makes that very clear.

[editors note: Thanks to Amy , for the above quote by Ms. Toensing. ]


Remember Iraq?

Weekend of slaughter propels Iraq towards all-out civil war

I hate this. I know the repugs would like the world to think we on the left are salivating at the idea of Iraq imploding. But it's simply not true. I would love to be able to say, by George, I was wrong and he was right. I would rejoice at the sight of our troops sitting back sipping lemonade as the Iraqi's danced in the streets showering them with flowers. The blow to my ego would be overshadowed by the joy in my heart.
Sadly I fear this is not to be. 'They' keep telling us the best is yet to come. Strictly speaking I suppose that is true, because at some point in time the situation will begin to improve. It will have to. Won't it? Otherwise, we the people of the United States of America will have been the catalyst in creating a true hell on earth. Don't say it. I know. I know.

[Thanks to Greenthoughts for the link to this story.]


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bush Drops Supreme Bomb On Rovegate

(Better knows as Cover the Ass of the Hand Up Your Ass)

Just a few days ago Bush was saying it might be the end of August or even early September before he named a nominee to replace SCJ Sandra Day O'Conner. He was in no hurry.

As recently as 11:53 a.m. on Monday the president was telling reporters "I'm comfortable with where we are in the process" of the Supreme Court nominee. Apparently where they are in the process is at the get the attention off ole 'turd blossom' stage.

Of course, in information warfare, timing is everything, and the Bush White House is a synchronized machine. No surprise, then, that the name of the Supreme Court nominee is going out in prime time tonight. What better way to get the Karl Rove story off the top of the news broadcasts or the front pages of tomorrow's papers.

So, if your a betting man or woman, who gets your bet for the nod from Boy George? I'm thinking if he stays true to form he'll nominate the most far right, radical he can come up with, like Justice Janice Brown, who was recently confirmed by the Senate for a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. I was thinking maybe Gonzales but there's been way too much unrest amongst the natives (read radical conservatives) for him to get serious consideration. Of course there's always Samuel Alito, we all know his position on abortion and womens rights.
Either way, the attention will be off Rove, and no matter what happens with the nominee that's a good thing for BushCo.
These people are masters at the old smoke and mirrors game. Absolute masters.

[UPDATE: I see none of my prospects made the cut. I have no idea about this John Roberts. I'm going to take some time and do some research before I make any comments about his suitability.
Meanwhile I'll continue keeping the focus on Rovegate.
This one will not go guietly into that good night!!!]


Monday, July 18, 2005

Bush Lied

More lies from the original 'flipflop' gang

President George W. Bush said he would fire any member of his administration who broke the law.
"He's certainly backing off," Gillers said. "Before it didn't seem to matter whether or not the revelation would be a crime."

That's significant because the parameters for breaking the 1982 law about exposing an undercover agent are very narrow, Gillers said. A person would have had to reveal the name knowingly and with the awareness that the government was trying to conceal it. And it's only illegal if the agent worked overseas in the past five years; Plame has lived in the U.S. since 1997"

In 2003 THE PRESIDENT said he would FIRE ANYONE INVOLVED in this affair. Now, he wants to alter his vow to include the words broke the law. How convienent. Clearly his political advisor's (good ole turd blossom) attorney has gotten him up to speed on his legal jargon.

I want someone to tell me again how this lying, twofaced, chickenhawk is a better man than President Bill Clinton. Or even Saddam Hussein for that matter. Lets face it Saddam said he nor Iraq had WMD's, we now know HE wasn't lying. Which is more than we can say about the liar who currently inhabits the highest political office in our country.
Higher morals and values my ass.


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