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Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Plame Affair

[Sex, Lies, and Treason, Part II]

The more I read about this 'affair' the more disgusted I become. I'm calling it an 'affair' because it has all the nasty, self-seeking, inconsiderate, lack of morals, and integrity of the worse kind of 'affair'. The kind where lives are forever changed, reputations are tarnished, and the seedy side of man (and woman) takes on a starring role. Betrayal at it's most primal level.
One piece will imply Rove was the leaker, another imply's it was either Miller or Novak who leaked to Rove. Who then passed on what he knew to Cooper. I'd hate to be the prosecutor on this case. Heck, I'd hate to be the investigator.
The best I can figure is that all roads appear to lead back to Judith Miller, and her 'source'. There are even those who are hinting it might have been Colin Powell who first 'leaked'. Which I find borderline absurd, since he was the lone dissenter in the Bush administration when it came to the idea of attacking Iraq. But, this is Washington, and I suppose anything is possible.
However she came by it, clearly Judith Miller was in some way connected to the very roots of this affair. It may well be that she was the first in the chain of 'phone gossip' this group endulged in. Maybe it was she who called Novak or Rove (or both). Hoping that by sharing what she knew, they might share any info they had. Then Rove spoke to Cooper, saying something akin to I'd be careful what credence I give to this report by Wilson, after all it was his wife, who by the way works at the CIA, who got him the job of going to Niger and writing this report....

Either way, they ALL discussed the fact that Valarie Plame/Wilson was an agent, working for the CIA on WMD's. Yet not one of them ever considered the possiblity that this information should NOT be made public? Absurd. Especially since at least one of them [Novak] had been specifically asked NOT to publish Plame's name or her status as a CIA agent. Whether she was a 'covert' agent or not, revealing her position as an agent of the CIA was a dangerous move to make. After all even if she herself was not undercover, anyone who was associated with her now comes under suspicion. There is no way to know how many, if any, lives may have been endangered by the actions of this group.
The bottom line is every single one of the people involved (well with the possible exception of Cooper) is old hand in Washington politics. They all knew there might be some level of risk to Ms Plame, and anyone associated with her, should her name and position with the CIA be made public. Yet not one of them had the morals, or integrity to say, "Hey, maybe we shouldn't be doing this..."
While there may be no legal reverberation, it is my opinion Rove should resign and/or have his security clearence pulled. Cooper should have his press pass pulled and be fined. Novak should prosecuted in whatever way possible (which he may have avoided by ratting out Rove and Miller to Fitzgerald) and fined. Heavily. Since the right thought Dan Rather should be tarred and feathered for his role in 'docudrama', Novak should be given the same treatment by his fellow news journalist and the media. Miller should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Forced to remain in jail until she gives up her source. Fined, and she too should be given the boot by the media.
Now, someone tell me again how these are the people who represent the party of higher morals and old fashioned values. If this is what the people of heartland American consider values, morals, and patriotism, then I'm damned glad I'm not one of them. Thank you very much but I'll take Manhattan, or L.A., or Chicago, or Boston, or...


Friday, July 15, 2005

Sex, Lies, and Treason

Sometimes late at night when I can't sleep, my mind drifts back in time to the dark days of Monicagate. I remember the relentless pursuit of the press (both written and broadcast). There wasn't an hour that went by when reporters and media pundits weren't reveling in some new (or rehashed) sorted detail of 'sex in the oval office'. It was, no doubt, the blowjob heard round the world.
The republicans were rabid in their determination to bring down this man who'd dared to allow an 'innocent' young woman wank his willy in the sacred office of THE PRESIDENT. And then had the audacity to LIE about it. Imagine, lying about sex! The shock! The scandle!
While the rest of the world laughed at us, an Independent Counsel was appointed (the devil himself was Mr Ken Starr). An investigation was launched. Heads rolled. Blue dresses were subpoenaed. God forbid this small indescretion by THE PRESIDENT be allowed to be forgotten or swept under the rug (or off to the dry cleaners). It was imparitive that dignity be returned to the office of THE PRESIDENT.
Then I move forward to now. To a man entrusted by THE PRESIDENT, and by extention the American people. A man who has used his power,and position to abuse and betray that very trust. His actions may have endangered countless lives and has certainly inhibited the ability of an agent of the CIA to fully perform her job. A man who, while he may have or have not known her current status, discussed with a reporter, the workings of an agent for the United States government. Anyone who would suggest that Mr Rove, by far the most powerful man in the White House, with his uber high security clearence did NOT know the status of Ms Plame, is either terribly naive or in deep denial. But, lets just assume he didn't know if she was or was not a secret operative. He did know she was a CIA agent working on WMD's for the CIA. Working for the same government he works for. To mention her in any context was wrong. Certainly far more egregious than any act of sex between two consenting adults. If nothing else it was a betrayal of the trust placed in Mr Rove by THE PRESIDENT. Unless of course he was acting on the president's behalf. In which case it is we the American people who have been betrayed.
Where is the outrage? Where is the the rightous indignation? Where is the demand for swift and just retribution? Where is the party of higher morals and values? They seem to have lost their way to forum.
Or maybe, just maybe, it was never about morality, or decency, or even sex in the oval office. Maybe it was about revenge. Maybe it was about bringing down a DEMOCRATIC President. You know, payback for Nixon and Watergate.
One only has to look at the right's attitude toward what Rove did and the president's refusal to acknowledge the severity of his actions, to know, it damn sure wasn't about morals, values or patriotism.
When you have men like FOX's John Gibson suggesting that Rove deserves a medal for 'outting' Ms Plame,you know in your gut, the right has lost their way. When an entire party remains silent while THE PRESIDENT harbors a man who would betray his country in order to spite a political foe, you know something is very very wrong.
There are those who call Rove a genius. I call him a traitorous coward, and the most amoral man in politics.
The only thing I'm left wondering is, where are the same media pundits who so doggedly pursued every tiny detail of Monicagate? Why are they allowing THE PRESIDENT's press secretary to get away with his "no comments on an ongoing investigation ..." BS? For that matter why are they allowing THE PRESIDENT to get away with it? I can't imagine them being so wimpy with THE PRESIDENT during Monicagate. I can only assume they are either happy with the status quo, afraid to rock the boat, or they too think sex is more important than borderline treason.

UPDATE: For an update on the breaking news regarding this incident, see the comments section (#9).


Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Village Idiot

Sens. Santorum, Clinton Spar on Child-Rearing...

As first lady in the Clinton administration, Hillary Clinton wrote "It Takes a Village," arguing that a community is an important part of a child's development.

Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA), a social conservative, authored "It Takes a Family," aimed at countering Clinton's message and asserting liberal politics have weakened the American family.
Santorum wrote that respect for stay-at-home mothers "has been poisoned by a toxic combination of the village elders' war on the traditional family and radical feminism's mysogynistic crusade to make working outside the home the only marker of social value and self-respect."
He also argued that a college education to help low-skilled unmarried mothers move up the economic ladder "is just wrong."

Is this guy for real?

Overheard yesterday in the basement halls of the Capitol,

"It takes a village, Rick, don't forget that," Clinton called out.
"It takes a family," Santorum countered.
"[Well duh*]Of course, a family is part of a village!" Clinton replied.

I can't help but wonder how this man got elected. Somewhere in Pennsylvania one lucky village is missing it's idiot. Don't you know they're soooo glad?

*-words in brackets are mine


Monday, July 11, 2005

Reality Alert

"Fundamentally, America hasn't changed much in 200 years, and people like Paul Harvey still run it."

As I read this post [ Old Angry Out of Touch Racist ], and the comments that followed, I think I actually had an epiphany. I think I may finally understand how and why so many people voted republican in the past two elections.
At first I was insensed with indignity. How dare they call themselves the party of higher morals and values? When in reality their nothing more than angry, bitter, racist, sexist, Bible thumping hypocrites. People who's "idea of patriotism rests on the notion that United States is worthy of admiration solely because it is the biggest, meanest, nastiest-tempered mofo on the block."[ Jane from Firedoglake]

When a public figure like Paul Harvey can make a statement like this,
"We didn't come this far because we're made of sugar candy. Once upon a time, we elbowed our way onto and across this continent by giving smallpox-infected blankets to Native Americans. That was biological warfare. And we used every other weapon we could get our hands on to grab this land from whomever. And we grew prosperous. And yes, we greased the skids with the sweat of slaves. So it goes with most great nation-states, which--feeling guilty about their savage pasts--eventually civilize themselves out of business and wind up invaded and ultimately dominated by the lean, hungry up-and-coming who are not made of sugar candy."

Without so much as a peep from the mainstream media, you know something is terribly wrong. I just didn't realize how deep and far it went.
It was THEN, I finally GOT IT. There was this moment of crystal clarity.

By George (yes, pun intended) I finally got it!
Of course they claimed the higher ground. They claimed they were the people of higher morals and good old fashioned values. We dumbasses on the left just didn't understand what they REALLY meant by 'old fashioned values '. It was code for doing it the way our/their ancestors did it. By being the meanest, nastiest, dirtiest, people on the face of the earth. They'd had their fill of the whipmy, touchy-feely, Clinton loving bunch of pussie liberals. They wanted no part of that 'kinder, gentler' crap. But, they couldn't just come right out and say that. Still those within their ranks knew and understood what the real agenda was. Their intent is to return this country to the way it was 100 years ago. A country where women and minorities know their place. Where other countries damned well know if you screw with the US, they'd kick your ass and have a good ole time doing it. No wonder they hate the ACLU so much. Equal rights my ass. The only ones entitled to equal rights are the white men, mostly rich ones. And it isn't just the people in DC that think this way. It's every freaking one of the gung-ho, pistol-packin', extreme religious fundamentalist, that voted for them. Well at least 90 % of them anyway. There may be a few scragglers out there that haven't gotten their password and embraced the 'code' yet. All in due time.

To my fellow liberals, democrats, independents and centralist, I say this. People we are in deep crapola. Howard Dean is the only democrat we've got that has as much anger and intestinal fortitude as the other side does, and half of us don't even like him (not me, I love the guy). Deep crapola people. Deep.


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