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"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety" - Benjamin Franklin

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Isn't it a great feeling when you come across something that someone else said that so says how you feel?
That's the feeling I got when I found this comment:

"It's gotten to the point that I cannot bear to watch the news - all those smug broadcasters trying to convince us that we're superior because we've got bigger weapons. Talk about a dick measuring contest! We're obviously trying to compensate for something..."

I found that on a blog by Failed Southern Lady
She puts it so eloquently.


Friday, April 11, 2003

This is from an article by Barbara Slavin at USA Today
You'd almost think I was psychic (see my post for the previous day)a little scary huh?

The fall of Baghdad is a victory not only for the U.S. military but for an influential group of foreign policy hard-liners who have realized the first step in a bold plan to reorder the Arab world and global institutions.
The loose-knit group, whose core includes Vice President Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, sees the war in Iraq as a model for the world's lone superpower. The group believes that with or without international consensus, the United States should move with force to pre-empt security threats and spread democracy and free-market economics to remaining pockets of authoritarianism, primarily in the Middle East.


Thursday, April 10, 2003

A quote from an article by Neil Cavuto:
"I ask you to look at their faces. Then look at your own. See the triumph of the human spirit and the coalition soldiers who fought and died for it. Then see your own pathetic selves, who -- even now -- can't come close to appreciating it."

You are wrong about some of us Neil. I for one do appreciate 'it'.. 'It' is a wonderful thing to see the look on the faces of the Iraqi people. I am happy and proud for them.
I am and have always been proud of our troops.
What I question is, are we now going to liberate all the oppressed, and suffering peoples of the world? Because if so, there are a lot of them living in China, North Korea, and Iran to name just a few places. Do you think we don't have people right here in the US living in shacks, while our leaders live in mansions? More to the point, I thought this war was about a saddist ruler with "weapons of mass destruction". We have liberated the people , but still no smoking gun? Of course now that we are in there, even if there is some 'great discovery of chemical/biological, or nuclear weapons' how will we ever know if it was there all along or if it was planted ? Don't even pretend to act like there aren't people capable of doing just that. Because we all know there are.

The bottom line is, there is a growing segment of our society that seems to think that they are the "Gods" of our planet. Their way is the right way. Democracy is the only acceptable system of government. Their religion is the only right one . Their values are the only ones that count. How pompass and arrogant !!
The Iraqi people may be celebrating today. How long they continue to celebrate will be seen.


I am going shopping today.
I am going to spend lots of money (not).
Do my part to stimulate the economy.
Saddam is beaten....can Osama be far behind!
GOD BLESS IRAQ and her people.


Wednesday, April 09, 2003

The tide is turning. So says Donald Rumsfield. It is a good day for the Iraqi people. Saddam's statue has been toppled. His regime in shatters. The rumors are abound that he is alive, but there has been no evidence of that. Dead or alive his time is over.

Mission accomplished. Right?

Well, except for those 'weapons of mass destruction'.

None the less, a great good has been done. Time will tell how great a good.

We are cautioned, "the war is not over". There is still much work to do. Many dangers still exist.

Overall though, this has gone well. Better than many predicted.
Maybe too well. If it is this easy, then what next? What have we learned? Where do we go from here? With preliminary success in Iraq, will it be tempting to forge ahead, onto Syria, or Iran?

I am greatful that things have gone well, so far. I only pray that this will not lead to over confidence in those who wage war. I fear, my prayers will be in vain.

Always the optimist...NOT.


Another inspiring tidbit,

Where is the justice of political power if it executes the murderer, jails the plunderer, and then itself marches upon neighboring lands,
killing thousands and pillaging the very hills?
Kahil Gibran

I found this while visiting a blog named "easy bake coven". It is one of the best blogs I have seen. You can check it out by clicking on the link on the left.


it is not the role of an American citizen to be a sheep. It has become apparent that those of us who
supported Bush made a mistake. I'm beginning to believe that a
philanderer and a liar is less dangerous than an upright but ignorant
man who thinks God has appointed him to rule the world.

Credit for this line goes to jyuga. I completely agree with him, (even though I was never a Bush supporter, and have always considered him a moron, who is just a front for Dickless Cheney and his band of rich old boys and war pigs )
He has a message titled "Bush Supporters" on the yahoo message boards for the San Francisco Bay Area.


Death, fear,and grief at Baghdad bomb site -- but no sign of Saddam...
Anthony Shadid, Washington Post

see quote below...


Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Here's a bit of wisdom I came across today ....thought I'd like to have it in my blog...

"the West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion
but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence.
Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do."

Samuel P. Huntington


If I copy and paste an article, that I read somewhere else, in my weblog, is that plagiarism? Even if I clearly say that I read it somewhere else and name the site? Hmm ... I am concerned.
Just for the record, the post below about "Five Things We Might Not Have Noticed..." is copied and pasted from the Ironic Times, which by the way is a great (fair and unbiased) online news source. The link below it has to be copied and pasted into your browser, I couldn't do a direct link to the article. I did find it kind of eerie though.

It has rained for 3 days now. I love a rainy night, but the days are starting to get me down. Nothing on tv but WAR WAR WAR. Daytime tv sucks. Thank God for the internet.

So have we taken out Saddam and his evil spawn, or not? Enquiring minds want to know.

Another question I have. While our President is busy taking care of who is going to be 'in charge' of rebuilding Iraq, (we all know who was in charge of bombing the hell out of Iraq), who is in charge of taking care of business here on the homefront? I read about the war funding approved by the Senate and Congress, where is this funding coming from? Who's going to pay for rebuilding Iraq?
Who's $$$$'s are they going to use? We aren't going to have to cancel any after school programs, or art classes to pay for this are we?

I could swear that I read somewhere today that the "President" said, when we are finished with Irag, he is going to focus on getting the situation with Israel and Paksistan settled. "Hello" ??? Is he the President of the United States, or the President of the World?
Hey dubya, maybe you shouldn't spread yourself so thin. Don't forget the country that voted, whoops, appointed , you President. Or are you aiming for a higher position??? Say, ahh maybe GOD? Think the Supreme Court could pull that off? I guess the only question is , who gets to be Jesus? I'm betting on Tony Blair. Cheney is tooooo old. And Colin Powell will take the role of St Peter.


Sunday, April 06, 2003

In Wal-Mart today, I sat down in the snack bar while I waited for a perscription. Someone had left one of those gossip magazines on the table, I am not sure which one, Star, Globe, Enquirer, ect. I thought I'd flip through it while I waited. There was a piece in it that really grabbed my attention. This woman was really ticked off (isn't it nice when you can vent your anger for all the world to see??) about the 'pampered celebrities mouthing off ...' . She is another one of those people that makes that ludicrous leap that disliking the President makes you anti-troops and anti-war. I don't get it??? Why is it that people assume if you are not 100% behind dubya and his 'team' that you are un-patriotic, un-American, and that you don't support the troops? As I have stated before there are so many reasons to dislike,distrust, and disagree with the President. It also seems that Travis Tritt (yeah, I know, that name just kills me too) thinks you have to get behind the President in order to be behind the troops. Why is that? Is the President, putting himself on the front line? Is he or any member of his rich, pampered family going to be in Iraq fighting, risking their lives? I think not.
How can anyone expect people to 'get behind' a man they don't trust, and that they feel has failed? His failure to find a peaceful way to resolve this conflict, will cost thousands of lives. Many of those, innocents who had no choice. Had he not been so gung ho to resort to war, we wouldn't be at war. This is not true of the troops. They have a job to do, they have to follow the orders of their commander in chief. I respect them, honor them and support them, because they do what is their responsibility, regardless of how they feel. They do not get to choose.
I on the other hand do get to choose who I am supportive of. The current President is not someone I admire, respect, or support. I think he is playing a game of smoke and mirrors. He promised after Sept 11th, "make no mistake, we will find the perpertrators of this awful act. We will hunt you down, and you will be punished". That has not happened. We have not even been able to bring to trial the one man in this country that we KNOW was part of the plan. Bombing the hell out of Afghanistan has not worked. So lets bomb somewhere else. Speaking of which, what about our troops still in Afghanistan? This administration has yet to prove any connection between the events (perpertrators) of Sept 11th, and Iraq, or Saddam. In fact did not Osama Bin Laden tell the Iraqi people to 'rise up against Saddam' ? Doesn't sound like conspiritors to me. Then theres that whole weapons of mass destruction thing. Have we found any yet? If we do, how will the American public, ney the world, know if they were already there or if they were planted ? Don't think that there aren't people capable of doing just that. No one wants to be made look foolish. Especially an administration that want's to remain in control for the next 6 years (or longer). I think there are people who are willing to do anything for power, ANYTHING.

Of course that is just my opinion. Thank God and our forefathers, I can still have an opinion.
Of course if it's left up to some people, (are you listening Travis ?) that won't last much longer. What they fail to see, is that when any ONE person loses their right to speak out, we all lose. They will only voice their opinion as long as it is agreeable to those in power.


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"Dissent is the essence of patriotism."
Thomas Jefferson




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"There is something wrong when religious faiths can be shaken to the core by natural disasters but seem able to reconcile themselves with events such as the war on Iraq which are the result of human folly." ( Muriel Gray )

I display this ribbon because I feel as if I have entered a period of mourning. Mourning for my loss of trust, and faith. In our election process, and our government. Mourning for the freedoms we have already lost and those I fear we will loose in the near future. More about Black

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