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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

How Low Will He Go

Is there no level to which Tom DeLay won't stoop? Is nothing sacred to this man?
Embattled House Majority Leader finds parallels between Terri Schiavo's case and his own

There is no need for me to list his many crimes. Almost anyone would be well aware of them. None reaches the level of depravity of this. The man is pure evil. A pompass, arrogant, self-aggrandizing, evil man. How can the people of Texas not re-call him? Have they no shame?
Apparently they are more concerned with sexy cheerleading (see link in post below).


Wednesdays Woes

The fighting and dying continue in Iraq. [Insurgency slows progress ]
Another high school kids becomes a mass murderer. [ Teen Killer ]
The battle for Terri goes on. [ Another Appeal Filed]
The Bush administration finally notices that China it the strongest block to their goal of spreading democracy throughout the world. [China Threatens U.S. Alliances]

For the good news. There's new hope on the Alzheimer's front.[Word Test May Detect Early Alzheimer's ]

Leave it to Texas to provide us with a bit of comic relief....[ Putting A Stop to Sexy Cheerleading]

It's just another ordinary day here in Podunt, USA .

ps: Haloscan seems to have gone belly-up sometime durning the night. Half the comments are missing from the post below. I did not delete them. Hopefully they will magically reappear much the same way they disappeared.


Sunday, March 20, 2005

Minority Report

I know I'm in the minority when it comes to my feelings regarding Terri Shiavo. At least when it comes to the more liberal/democrats of my blogroll. But you see for me this isn't about politics. It's about life. I think it's horrible that politicians and politics have had to enter this arena. Still I understand why Terri's family feel they have to use whatever means they have at their disposal. What I don't understand is why they haven't made a move to have her husband removed as her guardian. If I'm not mistaken adultry is still a crime in many states. Granted not one that is actively prosecuted but it is still considered a crime. The fact that he is now living with another woman and has children with her is clear evidence he has commited adultry. This alone should be enough to have a court remove him as her primary guardian.
Another thing I don't understand is his unrelenting determination to force his wishes on her and her family. Yes, I know he SAYS she would not want to live as she is, but we only have his word for that. Clearly no one else who knew her has come forward and said she told them she felt that way. Surely the woman had friends. We know she has family. Are you going to tell me that never, not once did she ever discuss this with anyone but him? I'm sorry I don't accept that. He can see how this is affecting her family, why not simply sign away his rights and responsibilites and let it be? There is simply something not right in his desire to see her die.
I know the argument is that she is brain dead, nothing more than a vegetable. Well, I have seen the videos of her and I'm sorry but that woman doesn't look like any vegetable I've ever seen. When was the last time you had a vegetable's eyes follow you across the room? Don't tell me that I didn't see it. I did. I've seen her react to people. That doesn't look brain dead to me. Helen Keller was blind and deaf. Unable to communicate with anyone. Yet someone found a way. With patience and determination they found a way. Look what she accomplished. Who among us would deny this to Terri? We don't know what time,and patience as well as modern medicine might accomplish. What does it hurt to try? If indeed she is brain dead then it makes no difference to her either way. Why the rush to end her life?
Speaking of ending her life. If your going to do it, then in the name of all that is good and decent, do it in the most humane way possible. How can anyone in good conscience even think that letting her starve is acceptable? Even convicted murderers are given a more peaceful, swift end to their lives. Why not Terri? If she's being given the death penalty then carry it out and be done with it. But oh no, euthanasia is wrong. Yes, starving her is so much more right, and humane.

Now, we have Congress getting involved. Now it's become politics. Now people are using Terri Shiavo to make a point. I detest Tom Delay. I can't stand most republicans (wow, I didn't even say repugnicans). So you know what it must mean to me, for me to say today I am ashamed of the democrats and their behavior . Are they really so stupid as to not see how this looks? This is why the democrats are having such a hard time building a bigger stronger support base. They don't say why they disagree, just that they WANT to disagree. How stupid is that? This is going to come back to haunt them. Wait and see. Sen. Mel Martinez (R) of Florida said, "This is not a political issue. This is an issue about saving a life", and I agree. People (voters) are going to remember this. I know I will.


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