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"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety" - Benjamin Franklin

Saturday, December 18, 2004

My Fellow Americans Bloggers
Let me make this perfectly clear...

Lately I've been seeing and hearing a seemingly endless succession of stories of how the joy and wonder of Christmas is being destroyed. How the Grinches are coming out in droves determined to take Christ out of Christmas. I will conceed, the onslaught appears to be even more intense this year than ever before. I can't disagree with the observation that Christmas is under attack. What I can and do disagree with is the perception that it's those damned, anti-patriotic,anti-Christmas, Liberals that are behind it.
There is a segment of our society out there that is determinded to remove every evidence of Christianity not just from Christmas, but our society in general. These people are not true liberals. By it's very definition, Liberal means generous, openhanded, and open-minded . Therefore it stands to reason no genuine liberal would desire to deny anyone their right to worship or celebrate their religion or their holidays. The liberals I know are not one bit interested in taking Christ out of Christimas. As for myself I am a Christian, and deeply religious. I have the same sense of values and beliefs as most of those who call themselves conservatives. I've always stressed, I am conservatively liberal . So, here and now I want to make some things clear.
I believe in God. I believe God created our earth, and man to inhabit her. That doesn't rule out evolution. I don't know for certain what orginal man looked like. I'm sure he has evolved over the many centuries since creation.
I believe all men (and women) are sinners and that salvation can be found through faith and a belief in Jesus Christ. I believe that Jesus was the son of God, born of a virgin on Christmas day. I don't know for sure that day was December 25th, but it matters little to me exactly what day it was. I believe that Jesus was crucified on the cross and his death was to atone for the sins of man. Yes, I believe all these things. Mock me if you wish, but know that does not change my belief one bit.
I believe abortion is a terrible thing. I would not reccommend it to any woman/girl. I would counsel her on the importance of life and the options available to her and for her baby. I would advise her to seek the advice and counsel of her parents, if this were an option for her. I would do my best to be supportive, but in the end I would respect and understand that it is her decision to make. Not mine. I would not condem her to hell, or turn my back on her no matter what her choice. She alone will have to answer to God for her choice.
I believe there should be prayer allowed in the classroom. Prayer from all religions. Muslims, Jews, Christians all pray. I believe children should be exposed to and taught all religions, then given the opportunity to choose which if any they wish to embrace. Even the children of Atheist can be taught about religion. The same as they are taught about the cultures of other countries. Knowledge never hurt anyone. Not even spiritual knowledge. Besides as long as there are test, there will be prayer in classrooms.
I believe we should teach our children abstinence is best. Are you aware that even Mormons and Quakers have incidents of teenage pregnancy? Clearly the teaching of abstinence doesn't always work. Therefore, we need to be prepared to take it to the next level should they choose not to follow our advice. Better to educate than to have them impregnate.
I believe it is perfectly acceptable for the Ten Commandments to be displayed in a courthouse or even in a courtroom. As long as people are required to swear an oath upon the Bible there will be religion in the courts. What difference does a display of the commandments make?
This country was founded by people seeking freedom OF religion, not freedom from religion. Read your history.
I detest taxes. Yet I understand that they are a necessay evil. In order for our country to function, everyone must and should pay their fair share. That means if you make two million dollars a year, you are going to pay more taxes than if you make twenty thousand dollars a year. That is the only way this system will work. I don't think the middle class should carry the burden while the upper class gets all the breaks. Not even under the guise that "it will stimulate the economy" . As you can see, it doesn't seem to be stimulating much these days.
I hate war. I believe going to war should be the last and final option.
If we are going to spead democracy we would do well to start right here at home. We have more than our share of inequality, hunger, cruelty, poverty and disease right here in America. Domestic issues should come first. As should domestic spending. Never should the needs of other nations or countries come before the needs of our own people. We need roads, schools, hospitals , and affordable housing here at home. Why are we sending billions of dollars to other countries? Lets start with sweeping around our own back door.
I believe businesses, big or small, who outsource their labor to cheaper third world countries, should NOT receive special tax breaks (or any for that matter). Your friends and neighbors buy your product, how about giving them jobs so they can afford to buy more of it. If it cuts into your profit margin to pay them an acceptable wage, so be it. That is the American way.
I believe people of all sexual orientation should have the same rights and privilegs as anyone else. If marriage were sacred there wouldn't be so much adultry and divorce. Those who cheat on their spouses, or who marry and divorce as if it were an olympic event,are the ones who disgrace the sacredness of marriage. Politicians and movie stars would be well advised to take note of this. Because they by far are the ones who make a mockery of marriage.
I believe those who would put personal profit, or desires above the safety and security of our country should be shot for treason.
I believe that when we reach the end of this road we call life, we will discover that it was the journey and not the destination that makes life worth living.
If there is something I've missed, something your still not sure about, let me finish by saying this...I believe in the Golden Rule . If you follow this you can't go wrong.

In that spirit and with all my heart I wish each and everyone who reads this a healthy, happy, and peaceful Merry Christmas , a Happy Hanukkah or simply a Happy Winter Holiday !!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

It's A Small World After All

Do you remember that little nursery song? I remember singing it with my children when they were small. If only we could all approach each other with that frame of mind. To live in a world where we are accepting and respectful of other cultures and their religions, would truly be a wonderful.
What happened to love thy neighbor as thyself? Or be kind to one another? How about the golden rule, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? When did mankind wander so far off the path?
I've heard so much in the past few days about the left's determination to take the "Christ" out of Christmas. I can't help but wonder who are they talking about? Certainly not me. I consider myself as being more left than right, but let me make it clear, I am all for leaving the 'Christ' in Christmas. Let Christians have their/our holiday. If others choose not to celebrate or to call it the Winter Soltice Holidays, feel free to follow your heart's desire, but do not deny those to whom this is a very significant celebration, the right to do so.
In order to be politically correct, and to include all religions, some people seem to have lost sight of the fact that Christianity is a religion too. You don't have to put it up front, but don't take it off the shelf either.
In a perfect world (or country) we would all respect and appreciate everyone elses choice of religion and admire the beauty that accompanies their celebrations. Even an Atheist can admire the beauty of a nativity or menorah.
Jew, Muslims, even Atheist can use this time to teach their children about the Christian religion and culture. Christians can use Hanukkah as an opportunity to teach their children about the Jewish faith and their customs. During Ramadan we could discuss with our children what this time means to Muslims. We can even find a way to include teaching them about Atheism.
Imagine a world where children were taught all religions then given the choice of which to embrace. Imagine a world where children and adults respected and appreciated the religions and cultures of others. Somehow I think no matter who your God is, or who you are, this would be a wonderful world. A world of tolerance and love. Just imagine.


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